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Info Radius is a competitive intelligence platform that helps businesses track information on competitors. We monitor information from over 200,000+ sources that include News websites, Company websites, Blogs, Social Media, Regulatory Portals, Journal Articles, Reports and Patents.


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Our Team

Anshuman Kumar

Head, Strategy and Product

Anshuman is responsible for growth and strategy at Info Radius. He is founder of Grey Radius. Anshuman has held diverse roles at Pipal Research, Evalueserve and Phronesis Partners over the last 16 years.

Chirag Bansal

Head, Sales and Business

Chirag leads Sales and Business at Info Radius. He is founder of ExamFormula and Grey Radius, ExamFormula was acquired by Verzeo in 2021. Chirag has held diverse roles at ARC Financial, Moody’s Analytics, Evalueserve and Contify over the last 13 years.

Hemanta Panigrahi

Head, Operations

Hemanta Panigrahi is head of operations and strategy at Info Radius. He is founder of SciTech Brief. Hemanta has over twenty years’ experience in content operations, including a long stint at Hindustan Times and Contify.

Sitansu Sekhar

Head, Product Management

Sitansu leads product development at Info Radius. He has 19 years of experience in product development, consulting, reporting, media and project management. Sitansu has held diverse roles at MeitY, NIC, INX News, Hindustan Times, etc.

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